Welcome to Compact Home Manufacturing, where Quality is more than skin deep… it’s where superior design meets Craftsmanship.

Every Compact Home begins with a robust and reliable foundation and Superstructure.  Add industry-leading R-value insulation, low-energy windows, and elegant but durable finish materials, and you have an investment worthy of many years of carefree enjoyment.

Step into a Compact Home and experience your imagination as reality, then you’ll agree… 

We’re Building Your Dream


Aspen Edition


Aspen 30′

The Aspen 30 is a spacious, 30-foot tiny home, featuring private queen bedroom, and large kitchen to accommodate full-size appliances. 
(Shown with optional, 20-foot Great Room addition incorporating the covered entry. )


 Aspen 30

Length 30′
Width 8’6″
Height 11’8″
Weight 12,500 lbs.
Square Footage Main Cabin:  255 sq.ft.
Great Room:  170 sq.ft. (optional)
Sleeps 2 in private queen bedroom
Standard Structure


Frame Steel ladder-frame 
Superstructure All-steel studs and ceiling joists
Walls  R22 – Closed-Cell Foam
Ceiling  R33.5 – Closed-Cell Foam
Floor  R30 – Closed-Cell Foam
 Windows  Low-E, Dual-pane
Standard Finishes


Interior Walls T&G Pine
Exterior Wall T&G Pine
Roof Metal standing seam
Flooring Lifetime guarantee finish laminate

Yes, We Customize

If you have questions about available options or customizations on your Compact Home, a client representative is standing by to assist you.

For a free, no-commitment consultation with your client representative, please Contact Us, below:

There is no better way to get a sense of Quality and Craftsmanship in a Compact Home than to walk through one. 

Touch it.  Smell it.  You will even hear Quality.  

For your own sensory experience with a Compact Home, we invite you to visit one of our Preferred Sellers, and we know you’ll agree…  we’re Building Your Dream.

Compact Home’s inaugural model, the Aspen 30, is our proud achievement to bring multi-disciplined craftsmen together in a singular pursuit;

Provide low-maintenance, high-quality choices for those seeking alternative housing solutions to satisfy their most discriminating wants, needs, and dreams.

We invite you to visit one of our Preferred Sellers to view in person, and we know you’ll agree…  we’re Building Your Dream.

Aspen 30 Options

Each Compact Home model has enough options to customize to match your dreams, and the Aspen 30 is no different.

To view the options available for the Aspen 30, please review the PDF file, below…

To experience a Compact Home – in person – visit us at our exclusive Colorado dealer:

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Compact Home Anatomy – Introduction

Anatomy of a Compact Home

What goes into making your Compact Home?

Compact Home Manufacturing knows Quality is more than skin deep, and we are happy to prove it.

What better way to prove we “walk the talk” than to show you the Care and Craftsmanship that goes into every Compact Home… including yours.

Welcome to “Compact Home Anatomy – Aspen Edition”

Rotisseries Aren’t Just for Bar-B-Que’s

The frame under a tiny home performs the same function as the foundation of your house.  The structure on top is only as strong as the foundation that supports it.  But your house has one big advantage… it doesn’t have to stand up against repeated travels down bumpy and treacherous roads.

We recognize the vital role placed on the frame under every Compact Home, which is why we make them from fully-boxed steel, meticulously welded at all seams.  The welds are so vital for the durability of your Compact Home, each frame must endure the challenge of the Rotisserie – around and around – until each seam’s weld passes the scrutiny of close inspection.

It is this utilization of the Rotisserie for accurate and thorough welds that ensures your Compact Home will survive the rigors of transport under the burden of your new home, maintaining its value for decades, no matter how many times it hits the road.

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Functional Art – The Rembrandt Supporting Your Wall

If a frame survives the Rotisserie, it graduates to a “rolling chassis” with the addition of  7,000lb, heavy-duty axles.  Each axle is laser-aligned for precision tracking, reducing tire scrubbing, overheating and wear during transports.

Once tires and wheels are introduced, you’ll need weathertight wheel wells.  But, not just any wheel well…

Wheel wells on a Compact Home are more than fancy splash guards… Yours will carry a structural load, so we make them out of steel with artistically crafted fender arches that are not merely a design element.  Taking their cues from the early Roman Aqueducts dating back to 312 BC, these fender arches rely on similar principles to add optimal structural integrity to the wheel wells. 

Whether it’s for the 3-axle, 30-foot Main Cabin, or the 2-axle, 20-foot Great Room addition, the Functional Art designed into each of Compact Home’s wheel wells is more than a pretty face.  These hand-crafted wheel wells become key elements in the quest for durability… and for proof, you need to look no further than the numerous, 2000-year-old aqueducts still traversing the Italian landscape.

All that Craftsmanship… and no one will ever see it, once covered by your Compact Home’s exterior.  But at least you’ll know it’s there for the long haul.

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[Part 2 of “Anatomy of a Compact Home”, continues here…]

Why Go Tiny?

Why Go Tiny?


If you are reading this, you are already asking that question and considering the many benefits of a tiny home lifestyle.

Maybe you are only motivated by the novelty of a tiny house, or you’re imagining yourself relaxing in a getaway location with all the comforts of home.

Maybe you need extra space for an elderly parent, or you want enough distance from your visiting family and friends so that they remain family and friends.

Or perhaps you are inexplicably drawn by the desire to simplify your life, decluttering the baggage and burdens of excess, and finding tranquility in the predictability and affordability of tiny home living.

There are just as many reasons prompting folks to ask ,”Why go tiny?”, as there are folks.

And since there is no way to list all the reasons “Why”, we will instead offer suggestions for questions you should be asking if you are considering a tiny home in your future.

Many of the questions you’ll want to ask will be based on a set of core benefits of a tiny home.  Let’s review the primary ones :

AffordabilityLet’s face it, less square footage means less cost to “get” it, and less expense to “keep” it. 
That means less spent on mortgage, less on utilities, less on annual maintenance, repairs,  etc.  But when looking at tiny homes, Value is as important to consider as Price, and tiny homes are not created equal when it comes to value.  A tiny home with a higher value will have a lower cost of ownership over time.

MobilityTiny homes are often built on a frame that has a certain degree of mobility.  If small enough, they can be hoisted onto the back of a flatbed and transported. 
The better-crafted tiny homes are designed to utilize a frame incorporated into a trailer, providing the convenience of simply attaching it to a truck and moving to a new location.  Growing tired of your view?  No problem… change it.

PredictabilityIt’s no secret one of the keys to decrease stress is to increase predictability in all aspects of life. Nobody likes being surprised by unscheduled repairs. 
The higher quality tiny homes are so well designed and built, they require only minimum maintenance for many years to come.

LivabilityLivability is a subjective concept, even though many municipalities have tried to assign definable parameters to it for decades. What for one person defines “livable” may not be for another. 
However, if we reduce it to the simplest terms in the world of tiny homes, Livability can be measured by the degree of success achieved in the quest for each of the prior items, Affordability, Mobility, and Predictability. 
In other words, Livability simply means:        Freedom 


[Part 2 of “Why Go Tiny?”, continues here…]

Many people are excited by the idea that they can take their “tiny” dream home and live in a beautiful place that they otherwise could not afford to live or where it would not be practical to have a traditional home. And, chances are, if you decide to find a new location for your home, it would not be all that difficult to accomplish whether your home is already on its own trailer or not.Many times, when people decide to go “tiny”, they are looking for not just a smaller, ultra-functional living space, but also the simpler, less “cluttered” lifestyle that “tiny” living tends to encourage.

Part of the appeal for some for realizing a “tiny” dream is to have a decreased impact on Mother Earth in several ways- by taking up less space, being greener, and choosing using recycled materials where possible, just to name a few examples.  “Tiny” living really can be a fun and rewarding lifestyle.


Why choose Compact Home to fulfill my “tiny home” dream?

We have more than 30 years of custom home building and fine craftmanship experience.  Our Compact Homes are NOAH certified and we meet a standard that exceeds national building codes. 

We offer great designs and layouts that will make sense in form and function for your Compact Home. With our attention to detail and available premium and platinum upgrade options, we offer luxury in your Compact Home and features that reach beyond the walls of your CH dream home-steps, decks, sun porch, and even an outdoor shower. 

Our Compact Homes are built with steel studs throughout, a steel undercarriage and a standing seam metal roof with steel rafters.  We utilize steel because it is both lighter and stronger than wood. Because we use also use closed cell insulation, you get an exceptionally sound home that is resistant to moisture, air and vapor. 

By offering dedicated support from “dream to delivery”, we do everything we can to ensure you get a quality home that meets your needs whether you choose one of our truly “go-on-the-fly” models on its own custom-built steel trailer or one of our park models.


How do you support me through the Compact Home purchase process?

We help you determine what your Compact Home dream is by providing you with our on-line questionnaire that you can access here. ____

After you fill out and submit the questionnaire, we can use it as a starting point for working together to make your Compact Home dream come to reality.

Your Compact Home consultant will walk you through all the available options when it comes to size, style and upgrades as well as help with questions you may have about finding a place for and living in your Compact Home.


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